What We Offer

Billing Solutions

Our PT, OT, SLP billiing experts work closely with your staff to "get you paid right the first time", saving your business valuable time and money.

After years of consulting with clients, Diane McCutcheon, owner of Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc. and Stacey Fitzsimmons saw a need to provide practice owners with the option of outsourcing their billing function. Stacey, the Director of Account Matters, has built a team of PT, OT, SLP billing experts to handle all billing and collections for our clients. 

Account Matters services clients all over the U.S. who are now experiencing a better cash flow and are no longer leaving money on the table.

Full Service Billing and Collections

Our staff of PT, OT, SLP billing professionals are ready to take on your billing function so you can focus on giving patients excellent health care, knowing you'll get paid for the services you provide. 


Short- Term Billing Coverage

We provide billing coverage to keep your cash-flow coming in while your in-house biller takes a leave of absence. Our staff can access your system and make sure claims are sent out daily. 

Expert Advice

Clinic owners are experts at providing phenomenal care to their patients, not running a business. That's where our 35 years experience comes in.

Solutions Overview

Credentialing Services

Credentialing a provider with an insurance company can be a bigger project than most owners expect. The application process and follow-up can take up valuable administrative time. 


Administrative Services

Our administrative services are great for start-ups or owners who want their front desk to focus on the patient experience. Our staff handles entering of patient demographics, benefit checks, and referral/ authorization management. 

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