To help ensure you are “getting paid right the first time”, either separately or as an adjunct to our billing services, Account Matters provides administrative services that compliment your front desk.  We provide:

  • Benefit checks
  • Referral/authorization management
  • Data entry


We will document all patient and insurance information in the patient’s account so you will have access to the benefit, referral and authorization data as well as any other related claim information.

Benefit Checks
Your front desk will provide us with the initial intake information from new or returning patients.  Our team will check their benefits and send a summary of the benefits back to the front desk so they can have it ready to give the patient when they come in.

Referral/Authorization Management
If we find through checking benefits that a referral or authorization is needed, our team will make sure one is in place before the patient is seen per the insurance requirements.   Our team will manage the referral/authorization process when a new one is required.  If for any reason we are not able to obtain the proper referral or authorization before the patient is scheduled to come in we will contact you immediately so you can reschedule the patient.   

Data Entry
Did you know that over 90% of claim denials come from data entry errors?  We know this because we see these errors day in and out.  Our data entry experts are extremely careful when entering patient and insurance information into your system and their work has drastically reduced rejections and denials.   

Save Your Front Desk Staff Time

Administrative Services

Benefit Checks BEFORE Patient Visits

Accurate Data-Entry Reduces Denials